6. Juli 2013

Wake me up when it's all over

Well, no it's finally over. One year has just gone by like nothing. I remember when my flight started and I thought this will be a really long time. I couldn't know that everything would pass by so fast... In the beginning everything was at normal speed, but in the end my time just began to run. There is nothing that you can do if the time once starts to run, you can just try to enjoy every moment like it would be your last. That's what I did, I guess my last three months were the best I've ever had.

Now I would like to thank a few people (or more a lot) and that's also the reason why this post is in English.

First of all I would like to thank Rotary for making this unbelievable Exchange happen! Thank you really much, I will thank you with the Rotary Youth Exchange Database, a thing to make the exchange even better.

On the other, another really important organisation for me was EYP. I've never heard about EYP before I came to Finland, so I was quite lucky to get in touch with them here. I had two really awesome sessions here, one in Kauniainen and one in Joensuu. Thank you EYP, you made my year better then I ever could expect it to be.
When talking about EYP, I would like to thank my two committees from both sessions and of course the lovely head Organizer from the Joensuu Session, Tim Backhaus, which is otherwise also a good friend to me. See you soon!

Otherwise I would like to thank my awesome host families, that did take me without getting anything from it (except me of course). It was three different experiences and I really hope to see you soon again ! Thank you for everything you did :)

Now still some inspiring persons that are worth mentioning. If you don't find yourself here, don't be sad :) The order is not relevant.

Anthony Fedorov - I met you first at EYP, while playing some silly game... You said that we have called it the inglorious bastard game, but it's basically just a game where you have to guess who you are with using just yes or no questions and just one guess. Anyways, we always had fun together when we've meet and I had a lot of fun while complaining with you about EYP (no, it's not that bad). See you soon bro!

Bille Sirén - It was always interesting to talk with you on Skype, but you are even better in real life. You are Finnish, that's no question, but at the same time German now. Thanks that you've organised my host families and also for the nice Ice-Hockey T-shirt :)

Kia Peura - You are the best Rotex person ever. You gave me a lot of motivation for my exchange and showed me some really cool places in Porvoo and Helsinki. I consider you to my one of my close friends and we should have done much more together than we did. I hope we are going soon on a road trip as planned, so see you on the road!

Deliah Kuchling - Well, I guess you should thank ME even more :P No just kidding, but I want to thank you for the nice comments that you've written on my blog, all the good ideas, criticism that you've made and have a nice year in Finland! Our discussions on Facebook were pretty nice as well.

Erik Kaunismäki - You have been a really cool host brother, introduced me to a lot of stuff (also EYP) and you're otherwise also a person who I appreciate to spend time with. Let's hold the contact and see you maybe some time in Berlin!

Nick Doolin - You've been the best bro ever. We have done a lot of crazy stuff and Porvoo won't be the same without you. Not just Porvoo, the exchange would have been totally different. I was really inspiring to get to know you and we HAVE TO keep in contact. I will visit you some time in Florida, don't worry :D I will miss all the crazy stuff that we have done.

A song that fit's perfect for me for my Exchange and the way I feel right now.
Everything was like a dream, but now I have to finally wake up. 

And here is the song that I'll listen to while I'm flying.

Oh by the way, just because the Year is over doesn't mean anything. I will still continue with my blog and I will be forever an exchange student. See you soon Finland, I will come back (not in winter time though :D)!

30. Juni 2013

Leben in Finnland (Finnland in lustigen Bilder 4)

Wie ist das Leben in Finnland? Das versuche ich mit diesen Bildern auszudrücken.
Jeder hat seine eigenen Vorstellungen, aber letztendlich liegt jeder falsch. Woran das wohl liegt? Wobei ich sagen muss das eigentlich alle Bilder mehr oder weniger stimmen... :)
Ja, ne kleine Fanta kostet hier 1,80€, aber das Bier ist schon für 90 Cent zu haben. Da merkt man doch man die Einstellung zum Alkohol...

Google Friends wird abgeschaltet

Am 1.Juli wird Google Friends abgeschafft werden, d.h. ihr könnt mir nicht mehr über darüber folgen. Alle Follower die meinen Blog weiterhin lesen wollen werden auf eine andere Seite "umziehen" müssen. Wenn ihr aber mein Jahr in Finnland weiter verfolgen wollt, könnt ihr mir auf Bloglovin folgen! Ich finde Bloglovin genau so praktisch und nutze es selber sehr gerne!

HIER könnt ihr mir folgen! :) (und links auf dem Blog ist auch so ein Gadget)
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