5. Juni 2013

Farewell / Beginning of the summer vacations PARTY

Dieser Post hier wird komplett in Englisch sein weil ich ihn zum größten Teil für einen finnischen Freund schreibe. Er handelt über die Abschiedsparty die wir am Samstag hatten um das Ende der Schule zu feiern.

This post is for you Robin :P 

Last Saturday we had a really nice farewell party at "Saltis", which is basically just grass in front of some buildings at the haven. But anyways, it was a really nice evening there! Why? Because I met a lot of new people, talked again to some "old" Finnish friends just as Robin and had fun with Finns that became social. Usually I just hang around with Swedish-speaking people here, just because I know their language, but this evening it was different. I was nearly just with Finnish speaking people and I haven't regret it yet. They were even from the beginning more talkative and social than I was used to it - and I'm quite sure that they weren't drunk at least at that time :)
When I first waited for my Swedish Friends, those guys came to me and talked to me. They just asked me for a picture in the beginning, but then we ended up to hang the whole evening around with each other. This picture reminds me of a Finnish word that I've learned here in Finland, it's Naistenmies :) I guess it's quite good fitting for this picture and the following one's as well. For everyone with out knowledge of Finnish, it means something like "Women's Men" if I remember right.
And here the next picture with two friends that I've met that evening. They both live at the moment in Kotka, that's why I've never met them before, but they promised me to come more often to Loviisa while I'm still here. We had a really nice talk (mostly in Swedish) and they introduced me to a lot of new people, thanks for that! I can't go around in the city anymore without meeting people that know me :D Which is nice one the one hand, but you have to behave on the other hand. If you misbehave everybody will know.
 Here a huge group of Finnish people, all social + nice :)

Girl look at that body
I work out

 Then I "found" a pair of really cool sunglasses... Thanks Viivi, if I get them next time you won't get them back ;) They are fitting quite well on me I suppose :D

 A few more non alcoholic friend shots... 

 Robin explaining me with beautiful British accent the real use of Twitter

It was all in all a really nice evening! Thanks everybody for being so social and giving me such a great time :D

 A song that fits for the whole experience:

And I'm finally read for University now ! :)

Again, thanks everybody and cu soon again ;)

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